Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How To Start Your Day Right?

Starting our day right is all we want upon waking up in the morning.  There are simple ways to guide us achieve a better day.
1.       Wake up early. This is one of the hardest habits that most us don’t like to do. Even if we set our alarm clock to a certain time but still we are tempted to take extensions more and more until we are able to sleep again and upon waking up you are already late for everything that you are supposed to do for that day, like you are now rushing to get up from your bed and prepare for your meals, or sometimes eat nothing anymore, you have to take a bath, dress up and rush for a ride. Believe it’s really happening to any of us. So annoying is it not? Instead making your day right, you start it with so much stress. So, what you should do now? Make your morning easier by setting your alarm 15-20 minutes ahead before you get up from bed. And always follow your alarm time. By doing so you will have enough time to prepare yourself and finish the things to be done without stress.
2.       Make a list of your happy moments. Sometimes we focus on things that make us lonely rather than things that can make us happy. Though it’s hard to do but we need to train our brain to change our thought process from negative to positive outlook by listing things that make us happy and inspire us for the rest of the day. Like writing down our favorite lines in the movie, scrolling down from our facebook page some pictures during our vacation, I’m sure it will help lift our spirits when we are feeling down. Try it.
3.       Breathe in a lemon. It’s true; to help improve your day, sniff a lemon. Scientists from Tel Aviv University suggest that citrus or lemon fragrance will alleviate depression and boost our mood. It boost the levels of serotonin (a feel good hormone) and lower the levels of norepinephrine (a stress hormone) when we smell the lemon. So improve your day by lighting a lemon scented candle or just simple sniff a lemon fruit.
4.       Embrace someone.  A warm embrace boost the natural feel good hormones released by the body which reduces stress and creates a feeling of mutual trust. Beware, you cannot just do it to anybody, you can do it with your partner, bestfriend or by ladies to ladies or man to man.
5.       Sweat it out. The endorphins released during exercise are scientifically proven to boost your mood. That is why you need to encourage our body to do anything that gets our blood pumping and makes you sweat, like running, dancing or go for a walk.
6.       Take a bath. Our day will always go better when we look and feel our best. Don’t just rush to the shower, instead give ample time to cleanse off your body by taking more time on applying face and hair masks.
7.       Prioritize your tasks. A good way to prioritize your tasks is to write them down and then number them down from one to 10 as being the most important and 10 as the least important. Having a list of tasks will eliminate the feelings of worry throughout the rest of day. And in every accomplishment, tick them off as you go along.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Bananas Contained High Level of Energy

A new study from London revealed about the amazing benefit that we can get from bananas. It says that bananas beat the energy source given by many of the sports drinks for athletes. This fruit which is rich in potassium and other nutrients provides high endurance for runners and cyclists. Recently, scientist confirmed that bananas also possess healthier sugar to maintain the same levels of energy as any other carbohydrate drinks offer. It also contained antioxidants which is not found in any sugary sports drinks. Therefore, it can support an athlete’s high level of performance during competition. So eat your bananas now and be energetic all they long.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Everyday Habits That Can Gain You Weights

Have you wondered why it is so fast to gain kilos on your weight and so difficult to manage it? It is probably because of some dietary habit and lifestyle choices. Though we use to do it every day but we are unaware of the impact it is having that practice on our metabolism. That is why it is important to know and find out what we need to be careful of in order to avoid unwanted weight gain.

 1.  Insufficient Sleep. It is required to have at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day. And if you have been losing or not having enough sleep, chances are you will gain so much weight. Why? This will happen because person who lacks the right hours of sleep tend to feel hungrier even if they have already eaten the full meal. The appetite in your body is regulated by a hormone called the cortisol which is produced during sleep. So, if you don’t have enough sleep, the system gets imbalanced and leads you to feel hungry and crave for more foods.
2. Alcohol Intake. This happen to a lot of men after having a hard day’s work, they usually go to a local pub and drink. Although it lowers down the stress level for a certain period, but unaware of the effect of alcohol consumption which adds to the calories being consumed. So, if there’s no need to drink alcohol try to avoid it. 
3.  Not eating breakfast. Though it is considered the most important meal of the day, still many of us failed to do so for many reasons. It is also important to eat breakfast after having a good night sleep to get some fuel and energy for the body. And if you have nothing to fill into your stomach, your metabolism is thrown out of gear and any food that you eat later on has the possibility to add to your weight. That is why, as soon as you get out of your bed make it a habit and never forget to eat nutritious breakfast. 
4. Not monitoring how much we eat. This really true especially when there is an occasion wherein there are lots of foods served. Don’t just stop eating only when you feel full.Overeating will cause severe indigestion which can result to weight gain. Therefore, eat only several small meals throughout the day than having one large meal.
 5. No exercise. It is really important to move your body for a while. It is one way of burning out the excess calories that our body accumulates. Having this as a daily routine will end up us looking good, healthy and feeling confident.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Experience the Beauty That Last!

The secret for beauty and being attractive has been the dream of every human being. Many men and women spend so much of their money just to look good and stay more beautiful. Because being beautiful not only gives the person the sense of popularity it also gets special attention from everyone.  That is why science keeps on evolving and inventing products that will enhance and keep the person beautiful. The questions now, are the products affordable and safe?  There are lots of beauty products around the world which offer the same benefits. That is why you need to consider the manufacturer of the products, is it recognized by beauty technology? Is it clinically tested for safety use?

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