Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Conditioned Your Hair

Hair is considered the crowning glory of every woman. That is why it is very important to keep it healthy and shiny everyday. Most of the women will immediately go to a salon to have their hair treated. But for those who are short in their budget, you can still achieve gorgeous hair by conditioning your hair. Conditioning your hair regularly will improve its strength, shine and keep hair damage to a minimum, though it’s not actually repairing the damaged hair. The conditioner will help smooth the cuticles, reduce static electricity, protect against UV damage and enhance the overall appearance of the hair says Dr. D’Anne Kleinsmith.
Conditioners will also help keep the hair cortex hydrated. It gives moisture content of the hair by improving the weatherproofing of the cuticle. The length, the kind of hair, the chemical processing it endures and the frequency of using hot styling equipments you use are all factors to consider on conditioning routine. There are two kinds of conditioners. One is the volume conditioners. It has ingredients that will plump up the hair. It is made up of grapefruit or some type of citric ingredient. Second is the smoothing conditioners, it has more oils or lanolin to help coat the hair shaft.
Fine or Thin Hair - This type of hair cannot hold a high level of conditioning agents. So in order that the conditioner will be effective, try to put conditioner just the middle and ends of your hair where it is the most susceptible to damage. If your hair is very fine, you can use a leave-in conditioning spray, which can boasts a lighter formulation and help strengthen the hair shaft.
Thick Hair – Unlike fine hair, thick hair can hold a lot of conditioning ingredients, so it is recommended to have more intensive conditioning products. Other option is putting a detangling night treatment which helps detangle and repair the hair while sleeping.
Curly Hair – Hair experts recommend conditioning your hair every time you shampoo. For days that you cannot shampoo, just run a conditioner through your corkscrews if they become bulky and tousled, this will help your hair relax and detangle easily. Rinse your scalp thoroughly but leave some trace of conditioner in your hair strands. To avoid dehydration and frizz, you can use a deep conditioning mask every two weeks. Cover it with a shower cap or plastic wrap and blow dry it for about five cm above your head five to ten minutes. If the hair is dehydrated use a basic conditioner to detangle and followed by a leave-in conditioner to maintain the moisture.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Know Your Beauty Etiquette

Manners and good etiquette are very important factors that we need to display wherever we go. If there are right manners in eating there are also right manners for beauty. For beauty points of view, the manners you wear can be a kind of perfume you spray to your body. That is why manners play a larger role in defining your style and brand. I guess everybody is doing this casual manner which we think is correct like combing, fixing your makeup anywhere, too much scent in our body etc. But there are tips to make  it right and in order.
1.      Fragrance tactic- To know how much is too much. Use your right arm; stretch them out making a 360 angle. That is considered your scent circle. That is how far your perfume should reach. Beyond that point can be irritating to the other person especially if you have a strong smell of scent. If unsure of the smell you can ask some friends to give comment so you can correct it earlier.
2.      Combing of Hair. There is a simple rule. Brush your hair inside the bathroom or in a private place – not on your desk, at the bus, or at the dinning table. If you are at someone’s home do not leave the bathroom floor or sink with some hair, as a courtesy to the next user use a tissue paper to pick up the hair and throw it to the garbage basket.
What about this situation. How do you tell someone politely if she has lipstick on her teeth or has anything on her face? Speak up! If you were the other person, wouldn’t you want to know? Just do it as discreetly and as respectfully as you can, especially if it’s a higher-up at work or a business acquaintance. For friends, it should be easier and less sensitive. Casually point it out and move along.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Importance of Concealer

Even how I tried to follow my daily beauty routine still I wake up with under-eye bags or dark circles which they said resulted from lack of sleep, fluid retention, hay fever and other factors. Some Dermatologist said that the thin tissue around the eye is more prone to stress than the other areas of the skin. That is why it is one of the problem areas of women. But a good concealer can help hide the problem. You just have to know the right shade and formula for each type of skin. Each color represents something different that is why they are often packed side by side in a single compact. That is why I’ve been using concealer to hide my under eye dark circles. So far it works and I feel confident facing to people.