Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Habits That Affect Our Health

Normally when we are working in an office, we usually go to a rush especially in the morning in which we are doing certain habits that could put our health to a risky situation. Why risky? It’s because when we are doing it habitually it greatly affects our body condition. We are doing things in a short cut way without knowing that it has a great effect to our health. Have you wondered why you are gaining weights where in fact you are not even eating your breakfast? Again, it’s because that is not the correct habit. So to know more about the bad habits that we are doing, here are some of the list and check if you are doing any of these.
1.      Not eating breakfast. It’s true. Almost everybody is doing this. Why? It’s because most of us wake up in the morning late so we need to rush to the office to be on time. And we are already forgetting something very important that is to eat our breakfast. As we all know from health experts that eating a well-balanced breakfast is very important because it will supplement as energy to be used in performing our duties throughout the day. Eating breakfast helps stabilizes the blood glucose load which in turn regulates our appetite and energy. That is why most people who skipped breakfast will over eat the next meals which can be associated to an increase incidence of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Of course we don’t allow these to happen, that is why it is very important not to skip meals especially the most important meal of the day – the breakfast.
2.      Sitting for too long in front of the computer. This is really happening especially when your job is focus on encoding or if you are rushing for a deadline. What makes it risky to our health? Health experts said that prolonged exposure to computer will result to the following: eye fatigue, mental health problems like depression, can lead to poor postures with constant pain on their back, shoulder, neck and paravertebral muscles. So it’s time to take a break and do some stretching.
3.      Not choosing the right food for lunch. Do you rush yourself to the nearest fast food during lunch time? Have you noticed that when you are under stress and after a fulfilling job done it often crave you for fried and carbohydrates food? Actually it is a normal craving but not a healthy choice to begin with. Experts says, that eating in fast food chains can be associated with many negative effects to our health because they are abundant in calories, high in saturated and trans fat, excessive salt and additives can lead to serious health complications. It can also promote to over-eating and eventually result to obesity. We can still reward ourselves but choose foods that are nutritious.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why Water Is Important?

Water is very important in order for a person to live. We need water for drinking, washing, cooking, watering and many other things. We all know that at least 70% of the earth consist of water and without water, the plants, the people and animals would go thirsty and eventually die. That is why it is always a reminder to everyone the need to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday.  The picture below will explain why?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hair Care

Attention ladies, before ironing or applying heat to your hair make sure that you keep those strands protected by misting them with a heat-protecting spray. This is done in order to retain a bit of moisture, in that way, you reduce damage to your hair and keep it frizz-free throughout the day.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Goodbye Dark Spots.. Hello Beautiful Skin!

Dark spots on skin or also called as hyperpigmentation are most common skin problem to people who are at their middle age. There are many reasons why this skin condition happened. It might be an effect of using agents which are not recommended by a dermatologist. It can also be a cause of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation that occurs after some type of infection to the skin like acne. Other factor which can produced dark spots to the skin is too much exposure to the sun.

Having such kind of skin condition can lower the self-image of a person. He/she is ashamed to face other people because of his appearance.  But worry no more because luminaze has come out in the market. Luminaze will breaks down the melanin to have a visible improvement and lessen the appearance of dark spots and evens the skin tone in just seven days of using. It is clinically proven to be safe to use, hypoallergenic, hydroquinone-free, fragrance free, non-comedogenic, dermatologist tested and works even quicker compare to other leading prescribed ingredient.

Luminaze is proven to be safe and gentle to use because it comes from an enzyme harvested from a mushroom that grows on trees of which the researchers found that it gives a lighten effects to the skin. So stop hiding your face now, try to use Luminaze.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shiny Hair

It’s been a practice for everyone to take a hot shower especially when it’s cold. Did you know that washing the hair with hot water can dry out and will leave the hair looking dull? That is why after shampooing and using your favorite hair conditioner, rinse it with cool water to allow light reflects off the hair which will bring shines to it.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our Body Needs a Break

“I need a break!”, that’s exactly what we want when we are too tired of our day to day work.  It is really important to stop and let our body relax for a while in order to regain the strength that we need in order to proceed what we are doing. Therefore if we are prone to sitting down most of the day at our working place, we are advised to take a break. There are some ways to keep our body feeling healthy and most of all still happy during the eight hours of work.
1.      Rest the eyes. Our pupils really need a rest, so we need to close our eyes or looking away from the computer monitor for at least 15 minutes in order to reduce eye strain.
2.      Do some desk stretches. Doing chair stretches will help energize and relieve some tension in our body. Make it a habit of stretching some of our body parts like our arms and legs when we feel tense or tired of sitting down for a long time.
3.      Take a non-coffee break. Instead of having “a coffee break” warm up with a cup of green tea. It helps fill up the stomach to control food cravings and gives us more disease-fighting antioxidants compare to a cup of coffee.
4.      Relax the wrists. If we feel some twinges of pain, cramps or other discomfort while we are typing, that signals that we need to stop and make some stretching in our wrists.
5.      Take a walk. Being deskbound for so long we tend to forget to take a break or stand up for a while especially when we need to get things done. Of course it is not good to our body. Our body always needs a break, try taking a five minute break, stand up and walk around. It is a good way to fight the dangerous effects of sitting down for so long.