Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Habits That Affect Our Health

Normally when we are working in an office, we usually go to a rush especially in the morning in which we are doing certain habits that could put our health to a risky situation. Why risky? It’s because when we are doing it habitually it greatly affects our body condition. We are doing things in a short cut way without knowing that it has a great effect to our health. Have you wondered why you are gaining weights where in fact you are not even eating your breakfast? Again, it’s because that is not the correct habit. So to know more about the bad habits that we are doing, here are some of the list and check if you are doing any of these.
1.      Not eating breakfast. It’s true. Almost everybody is doing this. Why? It’s because most of us wake up in the morning late so we need to rush to the office to be on time. And we are already forgetting something very important that is to eat our breakfast. As we all know from health experts that eating a well-balanced breakfast is very important because it will supplement as energy to be used in performing our duties throughout the day. Eating breakfast helps stabilizes the blood glucose load which in turn regulates our appetite and energy. That is why most people who skipped breakfast will over eat the next meals which can be associated to an increase incidence of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Of course we don’t allow these to happen, that is why it is very important not to skip meals especially the most important meal of the day – the breakfast.
2.      Sitting for too long in front of the computer. This is really happening especially when your job is focus on encoding or if you are rushing for a deadline. What makes it risky to our health? Health experts said that prolonged exposure to computer will result to the following: eye fatigue, mental health problems like depression, can lead to poor postures with constant pain on their back, shoulder, neck and paravertebral muscles. So it’s time to take a break and do some stretching.
3.      Not choosing the right food for lunch. Do you rush yourself to the nearest fast food during lunch time? Have you noticed that when you are under stress and after a fulfilling job done it often crave you for fried and carbohydrates food? Actually it is a normal craving but not a healthy choice to begin with. Experts says, that eating in fast food chains can be associated with many negative effects to our health because they are abundant in calories, high in saturated and trans fat, excessive salt and additives can lead to serious health complications. It can also promote to over-eating and eventually result to obesity. We can still reward ourselves but choose foods that are nutritious.

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