Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our Body Needs a Break

“I need a break!”, that’s exactly what we want when we are too tired of our day to day work.  It is really important to stop and let our body relax for a while in order to regain the strength that we need in order to proceed what we are doing. Therefore if we are prone to sitting down most of the day at our working place, we are advised to take a break. There are some ways to keep our body feeling healthy and most of all still happy during the eight hours of work.
1.      Rest the eyes. Our pupils really need a rest, so we need to close our eyes or looking away from the computer monitor for at least 15 minutes in order to reduce eye strain.
2.      Do some desk stretches. Doing chair stretches will help energize and relieve some tension in our body. Make it a habit of stretching some of our body parts like our arms and legs when we feel tense or tired of sitting down for a long time.
3.      Take a non-coffee break. Instead of having “a coffee break” warm up with a cup of green tea. It helps fill up the stomach to control food cravings and gives us more disease-fighting antioxidants compare to a cup of coffee.
4.      Relax the wrists. If we feel some twinges of pain, cramps or other discomfort while we are typing, that signals that we need to stop and make some stretching in our wrists.
5.      Take a walk. Being deskbound for so long we tend to forget to take a break or stand up for a while especially when we need to get things done. Of course it is not good to our body. Our body always needs a break, try taking a five minute break, stand up and walk around. It is a good way to fight the dangerous effects of sitting down for so long.

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